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Pool Planning for Your New Home

Before contracting on an existing home - Find out details.
  • Make sure your utility easement doesn't take up the whole yard.
  • Determine if the Home Owner's Assoc. has guidelines to prevent your pool choice.
  • You might have utilities running underground/overhead where the pool will go. If they have to be moved, you will have additional costs.
  • Many areas have regulations for proper fencing.
What to be aware of when building a new home

The above +
  • You can finance the pool with your home or do a Home Improvement Loan after you have moved.
  • Make sure the builder keeps all utilities out of the pool area.
  • Trees and stumps removed by the builder may save you the cost of removal later.
  • Let the builder know you are planning on a pool and to leave room in the electrical breaker box.
  • The pool area should be level to save the cost of grading or retaining walls.
  • Drainage should be formed away from the pool area.
  • Get a survey (plat map) from the builder so that we can work on designs. Our FAX: 281-812-8008
Better Yet - Just put us in touch with your builder to make sure all of the details are coordinated for your new home and pool.
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