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Houston Pool Design Construction Co. is a builder of quality gunite pools, spas & waterfalls for family fun, fitness, relaxation & entertainment. Our Engineering Procedures are exclusive to the Greater Houston Area using the best equipment, materials, methods and workmanship, while keeping prices reasonable. Locally owned and operated - Building Pools since 1983.

    Save on All Pools $24,499 Only $22,499 Now - The Complete Pool * includes:

  • 70' Perimeter Pool in the shape of your choice - in the 25' to 27' length range (depending on the shape)
  • Steel 8" on center with "Box Beam" Construction Method
  • Gunite that is 12" at the Beam
  • 2 Main Drains and 3 Returns
  • 350 sq.ft. steel reinforced Peagravel decking with piers
  • Electrical connections to 100' from breaker box to equip to pool light
    (With 3 openings in breaker box)
  • Plumbing of up to 25' from deep end to the equipment
  • Premium equipment: 1 HP Pump w/Timer - Filter - Skimmer
  • Special 500-watt pool light with switch near equipment
  • White "Sure Grip" Precast Coping
  • Special White Pool Plaster - Hand Troweled
  • Standard Waterline Tile - 100 color choices
  • Deluxe extension pole, brush, leaf net & test kit
  • (Add a Heater, Spa, Waterfall or other accessories to your custom pool)
   * Municipal and Access Requirement where needed are additional - Answers and Prices

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Complete Pool + Automatic Cleaner & Chlorinator


    Complete Pool Special + Uprgraded Coping + Upgraded Pavers + Weeping Wall

    Pool/Spa/Heater Special + Automatic Cleaner & Chlorinator + Tanning Ledge

        Pool/Spa/Heater*Only $28,499 Now includes:
  • 76' Perimeter Pool & Spa in your custom design - 28' to 30' length range
    (length & width depend on shape you prefer)
  • Steel 8" on center with "Box Beam" Construction Method
  • Gunite that is 12" at the Beam
  • 2 Main Drains and 4 Returns
  • Premium equipment - 1 1/2 HP Pump - Timer - Quad Cartridge Filter
  • Special Pool Light with GFCI and switch control
  • Spa with Light, 4 jets, Air Blower & 250,000 BTU Heater(Propane or Nat Gas)
  • Electrical connections to 100' from breaker box to equip to pool light
    (With 3 openings in your breaker box)
  • Plumbing of 25' to the equipment from skimmer
  • 350 sq.ft. steel reinforced Peagravel decking with piers
  • White Precast Coping
  • Designer Waterline Tile - 100 choices
  • Special White Pool Plaster Interior
  • Deluxe extension pole, brush, leaf net & test kit
  • (Add Upgraded Coping, Colored Lighting, Waterfall or other accessories to your Custom Pool & Spa)
   * Municipal and Access Requirement where needed are additional -
Answers and Prices

Pool/Spa/Heater Special + Upgraded Coping, Automatic Cleaner & Chlorinator

Slide Into Your Heated Spa & Relax
The advanced heater has the logic of the digital control already built into it. Houston Pool Design goes the extra step to make remote controls available in all heated pools with spas having 400,000 BTU heaters. The heater incorporates corrosion-resistant headers that are constructed of durable polymers and produces greater flow capacity, extends heater life and improves pool circulation. The fan-assisted, controlled combustion provides consistent efficiency in any kind of weather and virtually eliminates the possibility of downdrafts. Heat your spa faster, extend your swimming season and enjoy the convenience of remote controls for your pool and spa heater at minimal cost.

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Gunite & Steel maximized in all of our pools & they have a Lifetime Warranty. Prompt service before, during and after your pool is built. At completion, we start your pool equipment & add the needed chemicals, then we show you how all the equipment works and what is needed for maintenance. The site areas are cleaned and ground leveled to complete our installation. We do not replace landscaping affected by construction. If access is over a sidewalk or driveway, there may be damage, with your repair cost kept to a minimum if done at the time of deck construction. Then, if you have any questions or need for us to come back out, we are there. Our warranty program is the strongest in the industry.

The only things not included are special local fees when needed, slides or other accessories. Permits vary by area & gas connections are required for some pools with heaters. If we need to replace fencing after removing it to access the property, there is a small charge, depending on the type of fencing and what is needed to get the equipment into the yard. Stump removal, concrete removal or rerouting of utilities is additional.

We are not a volume pool builder and design and install fewer than 100 custom pools each year, with experience since 1983. Design approval, Homeowner's Association Approval and Financing Funding can be coordinated for efficient planning of your pool. Then, design layout on your yard is approved and underground utilities are marked. It takes approximately 30 days from the excavation until the completion, dependent upon weather conditions. Financing is available for most homeowners & we provide the information needed by the bank, so please call us to schedule a design meeting, at which time we can prepare an exact quote. After a down payment, the balance of payments are made during the construction of your pool, with 40% at excavation, 30% at gunite, 20% at deck form and 10% prior to plaster, which completes the pool.

Most neighborhoods require homeowner association approval, so we prepare the documents to apply along with the needed specifications required at no additional cost. We must build to the proper requirements and to our engineering standards, observing easements and building lines as shown on your property survey plat map, so please have a copy of your property survey available. You may fax the survey to us with any questions about your pool site FAX: 281-353-1940

Please call to let us know how to serve you best & when we can set a time for your pool design and construction scheduling meeting.

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