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        Houston Pool Design Construction Co.
Houston Pool Design Construction Co. is a builder of quality gunite pools, spas & waterfalls for family fun, fitness, relaxation & entertainment. Our Engineering Procedures are exclusive to the Greater Houston Area using the best equipment, materials, methods and workmanship, while keeping prices reasonable. Working directly with the builder also saves you money. Locally owned and operated - Building Pools since 1983.
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We are really interested in a pool...Now What ?
Call Houston Pool Design Construction Co. .....!

But first ... sit down with your family and make a list of your pool needs. You may find you have many more needs for the pool than just swimming. Your pool will be the waterscape in your outdoor living environment.
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Here are some topics for your consideration:
  • Game pool or Diving pool (for water recreation)
  • Lots of length (for swimming laps)
  • Spa and/or tanning ledge (for soaking or relaxing)
  • Raised Spa, Custom Mosaics or Special Lighting (for visual impact)
  • Rock waterfall, Powerfalls, adjustable sprayheads or fountains (for the soothing sounds of falling water)
  • Tropical Freeform, Roman Shape, Traditional or Contemporary Shape (expressing the appeal of your home)
2. What should we have ready for the designer's visit?
A. It will be very helpful if you have a copy of your home property survey or plot plan (the map of your lot & home usually found with home closing papers). The designer will measure your yard anyway, but he or she is trained to spot existing easements, etc. on your survey, which may affect the design.

B. If possible, identify electric from panel to transformer, water line, sewer cleanout, gas line, cable and phone lines in advance to see if they require rerouting. If they do, allowances can be added to your estimate, avoiding 'surprise' expenses later.

C. Make the project a family affair. Tell everyone in your family to write down specific needs and preferences and be prepared to discuss them with the designer. The more input we have from the family, the better we can tailor the project to meet everyone's needs. As we want to design the pool with you in mind, we need both husband & wife to be available for 1 1/2 to 2 hours for our scheduled design meeting & the whole family is welcome.

D. If you are planning a Home Improvement or Home Equity Loan, let us know. We want to help and have access to get financing where equity is low. We can be a valuable source of information. The loan approval and Homeowner's Association approval can be done simultaneously.

3. What if we change our minds regarding design?
Just tell us. At Houston Pool Design the choice is always yours. We will provide explanations and make suggestions about designs and practicality, but you make the final decision. Send us back to the drawing board until you get what you want. We don't mind because our goal is to create the perfect outdoor environment you will enjoy for years to come.

4. How long will it take to complete my pool?
The average pool project takes about four weeks, weather permitting, from excavation to enjoyment. Every added feature can add a few days or a week to the total construction time. Special inspections & features take more time & we do not sacrifice the strength or the structural integrity of your pool with unattainable deadlines. Our commitment is to provide you with a safe, quality, complete pool at an affordable price - without compromise. Most all of our pools are completed within 30 days.

5. How will you know what type of design and/or materials complement our home and lifestyle?
Don't be afraid to ask questions about what type of materials can be used for the construction and finishing of your pool. Houston Pool Design and Project Management Professionals will take all the time needed to answer your questions and discuss details before and during the construction of your pool, spa, waterfall, decking, etc.

Remember, we want your dream to come true. The best way we have found to realize this is to build by design.

6. How does financing work?
We have worked with most banks and financial institutions in the area to obtain the best rate and terms for our clients. Home improvement, Home Equity, New Construction and Refinancing Loans are available for most qualified homeowners. Adding value to your home and enjoying your backyard entertainment center can be done simultaneously.

Lenders now have attractive financing and can give approval in a day or two. Some lenders have loans available where no equity is needed. The amount and terms can be discussed with the lenders for your pool to become a reality.

Our representative will provide all the information and documents required to apply for the type of loan you would like. We investigate the market for the best interest rates available & will share that information with you when you are ready to purchase your new pool & apply for financing.

As always at Houston Pool Design, should you not be approved for financing for any reason, your down payment is returned to you in full.

You can call your local Bank or Credit Union for current rates or the local branch of Compass Bank for complete details of a
Home Improvement Loan for pre-approval showing "Houston Pool Design" as the approved builder or You can schedule an appointment about your new pool or to get more information by calling 281-812-4919 - Usually a bank can have your approval in just a couple of days.

7. What must we do during the construction of our pool?
Most of what you do is before construction: Getting financial approval, notifying us of the closing date at the bank or title company & who we may contact about payment terms. We can provide the information needed by your Homeowner's Association, but usually they will contact you with approval. So you need to call us to proceed.

A. During construction, please keep children and pets clear of the pool site, to avoid any injuries. We have insurance, but it is intended for our workers, not your family & friends.

B. The day after gunite has been applied, please lightly spray the surface with water twice daily for 7 days to help the curing process. When coping and tile is applied, please refrain from watering it on that day.

C. Our plaster crew will start to fill the pool with water when they finish - You are to observe the water level and not turn water off before it reaches the mid point (3" up or down) of the waterline tile, then fill the spa if there is one. A 2nd hose can be used, but taking care to cover the metal end & not runnning water directly onto the new plaster is requested. Do not allow anyone into the pool prior to our starting it for you. Call us when the pool is full, so we can have the equipment started, chemicals introduced and explain the operation of everything for you.

Damage may occur to the plaster if anything is in the pool to cause indentations or staining, so please do not allow objects to get on the plaster, which can cause damage. Rock waterfalls should not be used during the startup period & any debris in the pool should be removed promptly. Our warranty for plaster does not include damage to the surface. It does cover durability of surfaces after the startup period. Warranties range from one to ten years, depending on the pool interior you select. Slight inperfections for all surfaces are normal, with stone surfaces taking on various color hues most notable when lighted.

D. At startup, we will request the pump remain running 24 hr. daily for 5 to 10 days. It is important to keep the water level at the proper level in your pool and check it every day during this startup period. During the 10 to 14 startup period you are to brush the plaster twice daily. The heater is not to be used & do not use an automatic cleaner with wheels, such as the Polaris 280 during this startup period.

E. After the initial 10 day period, the timer for the pump can be set and the cleaner set to clean your pool each day. You should then test the water and observe the water level, chemical balance, etc. on a regular basis. Do not drain the pool at any time. We can be consulted at any time or most pool service stores will be happy to check your water and provide recommendations on what needs to be done to keep your water sparkling clear. Our Pool Maintenance page offers information on filter cleaning and references for generic chemical treatments for your information.

F. If you pool has a heater and it is fueled by natural gas, you may need to contact your gas company to have them make the final connection to the gas meter. Normally CenterPoint, Entex, has a charge of $350 to you, which includes a new meter if needed. Please let the person you are contacting at your gas company know what size of heater you have for your pool & spa. We cannot schedule the final connection, so you will need to call them directly and make payment to them when the work is done.

Should you have a propane heater for your pool, you will need to contact your propane provider. Charges for connection of the heater range from $0 to $100 or more, depending on the company you have for your propane.

Please let us know what information we can provide, such as the person to call at CenterPoint in your area, to make sure your heater is operating properly.

G. Everything is under warranty, so do call us or the warranty center if anything seems to not work properly.

8. Where can our equipment be located?
It is important that we place the equipment in an area that is accessible for maintenance, close to needed utilities and yet not in the way. To make sure operation is at hand, all of our equipment sets with a spa & pool heater include remote controls. Upgrades are available for even more remote functions from inside your home. Temperature Control - Light Controls - Water Feature Controls - Freeze Protection, in addition to Spa & Heater Controls are included with the AquaLink Control Center.

Spa-side controls are also available, including 4-button controls near the spa for lighting, air blowers and heaters or digital controls with complete control of all functions.

Our licensed electricians and master plumbers make sure equipment is placed in areas that will not interfere and be safe. All equipment is mounted on approved equipment pads and include all safety codes.

9. What about HOA approval, entering over neighbors property, common property or city/county property?
Most neighborhoods require homeowner association approval and we provide the needed documents for you to apply to the association or management company. Approval to cross neighbors property is required by you & we must have a written authorization before excavation begins. Entering over common property or government-owned land is usually prohibited, but if you can get written authorization, we shall use that access if not more than 50 feet from the pool site to street. Some neighborhoods require the landscaping be replaced, so you would need to contact a landscaper, as we level the ground, but do not replace sod or plants destroyed during excavation with our equipment.

We build to the proper requirements and to our engineering standards, observing easements and building lines as shown on your property survey plat map, so please have a copy of your property survey in scale available - If only the original is in scale, we can keep the original free of writing, etc - just let us know to return it. You may fax the survey to us with any questions about your pool site

Please call to let us know how to serve you best & when we can set a time for your pool design and construction scheduling meeting.

Houston Pool Design Construction Co. * * * 281-812-4919