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Lighting for pools is available in various styles. All of our pools include a pool Light. Colored lighting upgrades available for pool and spa. LED colored lighting is energy efficient.

Colored Lighting allows you to select which color to have your pool at night and is also available for the spa.

ColorLogic - So many choices. So little night.

 Seven Exciting Color Shows
A constantly changing 1536 colors create a relaxing and sophisticated mood for evening entertainment.
  Voodoo Lounge
When it's time to really get the party going, over 1500 colors uncork your pool.
Set the mood for a relaxing evening with this serene show of calming blues and white.
Vibrant blue, green and magenta make this show a jewel of a choice for any pool party.
Show your patriotic spirit on the Fourth of July or any time with this star-spangled red, white and blue show.
  Mardi Gras
Kids and adults alike will love the 36 fast-changing colors and atmosphere created by this cheerful show.
  Cool Cabaret
Hit the disco and turn your pool into a nighttime hot spot with this vibrant shows featuring 36 different colors.


The Colors
  Afternoon Skies  
Your evening pool,
with middle-of-the-day blue..
  Deep Blue Sea  
Rich, saturated color makes you feel
like you’re swimming in the ocean.
Give your pool
the alluring magic of gemstones.
The romance of Madrid,
with a dash of fiesta.
  Cloud White  
Show off your pool’s crystal-clear water
by illuminating with Cloud White.

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* Please note that colors may vary from the actual lighting shown.

While enjoying a night cap or an evening swim, experience an array of brilliant Watercolors that transport your imagination to special places reminiscent of lush emerald islands, Caribbean seas, or the luxurious feeling of floating in soft warm rose petals.

Colored pool and spa lights provide the finest and brightest colors for your pool and spa. Engineered with superior design, the Colored light not only saturates your pool with vibrant colors, but also creates delightful sparkling ripples on the water surface. Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you'll enjoy endless nights of brilliant color beyond compare.
Fiber Optics to light Waterfalls, Pots & Spheres

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