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The design, placement, construction techniques, long-term satisfaction and maintenance are all important considerations for your pool. Because each phase is a key part for your family pool, we make sure your pool is engineered to high standards. 

The design is intended to be the pool you select for your family fun, fitness, entertainment & relaxation. We want your family to enjoy the pool & for you to be another proud Houston Pool Design owner. Each water feature is taken into consideration. 

Before construction begins, we paint the outline on your yard. Any changes can be made before precision excavation begins. We also have underground utilities marked, so you can be advised of the cost of any reroutes needed. 

Minimum ground disturbance assures good pool and deck uniformity. Steel is used throughout the pool and decking to give the best support available. 

Gunite is then shot to a minimum of 12" at the beam, 8" on coves & 6" on sides and floor. The gunite requires 7 days to properly cure and should be sprayed with water by you at least twice daily. 

Decking is supported by steel & not mesh. Concrete is poured to the proper form. Brushed concrete, peagravel or SUNDEK is used as a skid resistant surface. 

Your equipment is not only top of the line, but is matched to your pool. Proper cleaning & purification assures a fun pool that is safe and virtually maintenance-free. All brushes, poles and testing material are provided. We treat the water after completion and make sure you understand how everything works. 

When you have any questions, we are only a phone call away and prompt warranty service is available on all equipment. Routine maintenace is minimal with our many HPDC built-in features.

That's part of the beauty of having Houston Pool Design & Construction build your pool the way you want it to be done.

When everything's properly engineered, you can enjoy your backyard recreation center even more!

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