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Complete Pool - $24,499 Now $22,499

This includes a Complete Custom-Designed & Engineered Pool Your shape up to 70' Perimeter (ususally 25' to 27' long, depending on shape), Gunite 12" at beam & supported by steel centered every 8" throughout, Premium Filter, 1 HP Premium Pump, Pool Light, Steps in shallow end, White Precast Coping, Choice of 100 standard tiles, 350 sq. ft. concrete decking with steel support & piers, 100' Electrical from Elec Box to equip to pool light (with 3 openings in your electrical breaker box), 25' plumbing from deep end to equip, 2 main drains, Skimmer, 3 water returns, White Plaster interior, Brush, Net, Extension Pole & Testing Kit.
Automatic cleaner, chlorinator, waterfalls or other accessories additional -
  (see) a) b),*,**,***

Pool/Spa/Heater - Now $28,499
Includes all the above plus Size is 76' Perimeter for 28 to 30' long (depending on shape), 1 1/2 HP Pump, 4 Returns, Spa with step, spa light, air blower, 4 jets and 250,000 BTU heater (Propane or Nat Gas³).
(Salt System, Remote Controls, Waterfalls, gas connection, LED lighting or other accessories additional)
   (see) a),b),*,**,***

a) Site Grading, Access & Special Municipal Requirements additional. 

b) Added water features, special lighting, slides, diving boards, tanning ledges, benches and fountains are additional. 

* Tree stump removal, concrete removal, special access to pool site, utility reroutes and upgrades to utilities are available at an added cost. ³ Gas connection cost based on distance from meter to heater. Concrete damaged during construction or prior to our arrival may be repaired at mimimum cost to you if it is done at the time of deck construction. 

By Specializing in new pool construction, Houston Pool Design has become Houston's premier pool construction company - Thousands of quality pools have been installed since 1983 at reasonable pricing. Our management team does the onsite project management and keeps you informed of the progress to provide quality in a prompt and efficient manner. We do not do landscaping, sod replacement, sprinkler systems, insect repelent systems, carpentry or other structures.

** Our quality engineering standards & use of premium equipment is not compromised in bringing these special priced pools to you. We are not a volume builder and make sure the pool meets your specifications & satisfaction. Our goal of building a sound pool at a reasonable price will be shown when we meet for design review and exact quotation.  Or fax your survey for design ideas and quote. Our FAX: 281-812-8008.

*** Prices are subject to change based on material and workmanship increases, but currently contracted pools will be promptly built at the specified price.

Part of the beauty of having Houston Pool Design & Construction build your pool is that you will know it is done right in all phases.  Whether a basic pool or a more elaborate pool with a spa and waterfall, quality in workmanship, equipment & design is apparent.

We understand how working directly with Houston Pool Design allows us to have the best built pool at reasonable pricing. Ready to arrange for a designer to visit?
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