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    Your 30 Day Pool

The following shows the phases for your pool to be built within 30 days from the day of excavation. Before beginning construction, we must meet with you about the pool you want and where it will be placed in your yard. Financing can be arranged with your bank or we can provide information about local banks offering home improvement loans for pools. Then, we'll get Homeowner's Association approval and permits where needed. Layout of your pool is painted on the ground before we begin and utilities are located to assure the best possible construction procedures.
Day 1 - Precision Excavation is completed & the pool area is framed.

Equipment is delivered and checked by project manager on site.
Day 2 - Steel is installed on 8" centers, using #3 & #4 steel to reinforce the gunite, using the box beam technique. Day 10 to 15 - Waterline Tile is installed
Day 13 to 16 - Pool Light, controls and Equipment installed by the licensed electrician
Day 2 or 3 - Plumbing is installed prior to gunite.

Inspections completed.
Day 13 to 16 - Water features, such as sprayheads or waterfalls, & finish plumbing is completed.
Day 3 or 4 - Gunite is shot from trucks remaining at the street. The 12" beam & steel every 8" means your pool is durable & has our *Lifetime Warranty* Day 17 to 21 - Diving boards or Slides mounted & Decking is formed and poured, with the final stage of special HPDC waterproof plaster applied to the gunite.
Inspections or weather may require the pool to not be completed for 30 Days or longer, but most are completed within this time frame because we stay with the project until completion.
Day 4 or 5 - Homeowner sprays gunite with water for 7 days to help the gunite cure properly

Day 10 to 15 - Coping is installed in your selection of white precast, flagstone or brick. Upgrades of Slate, Marbella & other natural stones available.
Most pools are completed within 30 days if no weather delays. If yours takes longer, be assured we are doing our best to complete it as soon as possible.

White precast coping - Designer tile - Peking Blue Sundek
At Plaster - Pool is filled after Special Plaster is applied (please allow it to fill to middle of waterline tile before turning the water off)

Startup & Cleanup - Equipment started, Pool School Conducted, Water treated and site cleaned to complete project
Enjoy Your Beautiful New Pool

Some communities require inspections & we work hard to complete the pool, but are dependent on the city inspectors to move along with the pool.     

Upon the final construction step of applying Speical HPDC Waterproof Plaster, we start filling the pool with water. Please do not turn off the water or allow anyone near the pool until the water reaches the middle of the waterline tile. Call us to treat the water and start the equipment for you when the pool is filled. You can expect to swim in the pool 3 days after we add the chemicals. 5 or 6 tablets of 3" Slow Release Tri-Chlor chlorine should be added to your automatic chlorine dispenser (Never Mix Chlorine types or any chemicals, as it may result in FIRE or EXPLOSION). The pump should run 24 hours a day during the first week of operation and the pool walls brushed daily until plaster dust does not appear to make the water cloudy. Automatic cleaners with wheels and Spa Heaters should not be used during the first week of operation & the pool walls and floor should be treated with care during this curing process.

Decking is available in brushed concrete, peagravel, pavers or a choice of 9 colors of Sundek.

We're ready to make an appointment to get our pool started . . . Now what?

Remember, when we have completed and treated your pool, we are still here for you - to answer any questions and to come out to take care of anything that needs attention. Please see Routine Maintenance for the basics of water chemistry, chlorine use and instructions to clean your filter.

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